About Us 

NH Dog Training is a professional, veterinarian recommended and certified business with over 15 years of animal experience, offering the best in dog training and dog walking. Chris St. Lawrence, the owner, has worked with animals using positive reinforcement from whales, dolphins, sea lions, seals and birds to a multitude of dog breeds and cats. Animal safety and care is first and foremost and we guarantee you and your dog will have a positive experience. 


Chris has always had a gift for working with animals. In 2003, he started his professional career working in many veterinary hospitals, kennels and animal shelters. In 2006, he started working as a marine mammal trainer at Sea Life Park Hawaii. He built a rare and incredible understanding for animal training and animal care using positive reinforcement. He worked with and trained hundreds of animals including dolphins, sea lions, seals and the world's only wolphin, which is a hybrid species of whale and dolphin. After his adventures in Hawaii, Chris continued to advance his skills while working in aquariums, such as Miami Seaquarium and Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut. After over 5 years working with marine mammals, Chris realized his heart was in New Hampshire, specifically working with dogs. He received his certification in dog training, pet CPR and First Aid, worked as a veterinary technician and worked at several dog facilities around New Hampshire. 


NH Dog Training was officially started in 2013 and is insured and bonded offering exceptional services for southern New Hampshire. If you are looking for a midday walk for your dog or advanced training using positive reinforcement, NH Dog Training is perfect for you.